At R.J. Aley, we believe a high quality home needs to perform as well as it looks. How much oil, gas, or electricity does your home use? How comfortable is it for you and your family? A beautiful home with perfect finishes and high-end appliances is not “high quality,” if the home is drafty, has cold spots, or is plagued by mold due to poor ventilation.

There are many relatively simple and inexpensive things that we can recommend to improve your home’s energy efficiency and make it more comfortable to live in. A more sustainable home has the added benefit of using less fuel, which saves you money each month on heating and cooling costs. This can amount to significant financial savings over the life of your home. In fact, many energy upgrades pay for themselves in just a few years. We will work with you to find the best products that meet your goals and fit your budget.

R.J. Aley is a Certified Green Builder (designated by the National Association of Home Builders), an Energy Star partner, a LEED Home Builder, and a Certified Building Analyst (designated by the Building Performance Institute).

Our Services

  • New Home Construction and Remodeling – R.J. Aley can build a Certified Green home, Energy Star, and LEED home.
  • Home Energy Audit – Using state-of-the-art technology, we evaluate your home for air leaks, moisture, and ventilation issues and make recommendations based on the results.
  • Energy Upgrades - Installing insulation and weatherproofing products to improve energy efficiency. Remediating moisture and air quality issues, or installing a new energy efficient heating and cooling system.
  • Renewable Energy Solutions – Are solar and wind power viable options for your home? We’ll let you know.
  • Historic Wooden Window Restoration and Weather Stripping - Restores the integrity of old windows while bringing them up to current standards of energy efficiency.
  • Storm Window Installation – We install traditional wood, aluminum, and wood/aluminum hybrid storm windows on historic homes.

Contact R.J. Aley today to learn more about our Green Building services and to schedule a free consultation.